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Our Mission

There are so many problems around the world that need to be solved, but there are a finite number of people that have the nessacary skills to solve them. But what if every single person could be as strong as an NFL linebacker, and have the same IQ as Elon Musk. If you think about it it just makes more senese to operate the world this way. Yet people are still dying of starvation because everyone is waiting for others to solve problems for them, which is why two motivated teens started Darwyn: a company aimed at enabling humans to reach thier full potential using lipid based biodegradeable synthetic nanoparticles to deliver CRISPR-CAS9 for genetic enhancement.

The Process

Our novel process leverages nanoparticle drug delivery to get CRISPR-CAS9 treatments to places of the body they couldn't be before. The lipid nanoparticles use encapsulated messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding Cas9. The contents of the nanoparticles, including an engineered ‘single-guide’ RNA (sgRNA), are released into cells. Equipped with a specific gene tailored to the patients eg. the ACTN3 gene for increased athletic performance.

Leading Humanity’sRevolution

The status quo sucks! But what if we could enable everyone to maximize their body’s potential, wouldn't the world be a better place? By Leveraging nanoparticle drug delivery and cutting edge gene therapies Darwyn is creating a better future.


Choose your Treatment

We make it extremely easy for our customers to select what they want to improve, whether it be strength or intelligence all you have to do is simply sign up, just fill out the nessacary credentials and we’ll do the rest.


We Ship it to you

After you sign up, we process your order and create a personalized kit that includes intructions, and the treatment that comes in the form of a swallowing tablet. The package is personalized and includes a description and disclosure of what is inside the tablet and how its going to supercharge you!


Wait for Results

We garantee a 90% sucess rate, and if it doesn't work a money back garantee with a replacement tablet. We reccoment waiting anywhere between 6 months to 2 years to see the results, and garuntee that they stay for life, allowing you to unlock your full potential and solve the worlds biggest problems!



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    Here at Darwyn Labs, we believe in maintaining trust with our customers, and in order to build trust, we've built a culture of transparency within our company

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    Lead With Originality

    What we are creating is an original solution. We strive to innovate with every iteration and to do things on our own terms, rather than copying others.

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    Growth Mindset

    We believe in being the best you can possibly be, and growing 1% every day. In order to create this culture of growth and being the best version of yourself, we highly encourage a growth mindset within our company.

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    High Standards

    We don't settle for mediocrity. Everything we do must maintain a certain standard that we set. If we don't meet that standard, we're sacrificing our quality as a brand.

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    We don't believe in egos. Everyone needs to come in with an open mind and a willingness to hear everyone's perspective. Company hierarchies mean nothing to us, if you have a good idea, that idea will be valued, regardless of your position.

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    We wake up everyday excited to work on something meaningful. In order to make an impact on the world, you need to be excited about what you're working on, and we're working on some pretty exciting stuff.

A bit about us...


Eshan Rasul

Eshan is a 15 year old genomics and nanotechnology enthusiast. He has developed applications in each aimed at solving some of the worlds biggest problems. Over the summer he worked in researching the funtionalization of gold and silver nanomaterials target and treat the CA 27-29 breast cancer mutation.


Gurjaap Brar

Gurjaap is a 15 year old VR and AR enthusiast. He's extremely passionate about working with exponential technologies to solve big problems and make the world a better place. Recently, he's been working on building an application for using VR for memory improvement for those with early onset dimentia and alzeimers.


Eshan R & Gurjaap B